Sweet Creations by Judy
                                                    also know as DIY candybuffets to go

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Popcorn Bars 

Option  1  

This is a good option when on a budget or just want something more simple.



Display with popcorn sign

Buttery Popcorn (up to 80 guest, above as pictured)

4 - 8 flavors to add to the popcorn

2 different candies to put on top of popcorn

80 paper bags


Set up - Take down 


4 different flavored popcorn (up to 50 guest)

Buttery, Chicago style, and two choices

(as picture on the right, with your colors and theme)

Candies to put on top of popcorn

50 bags 


Set up and take down 

** you can add additional guest for an additional fee.

Option 2  

  • Custom. personal design
  • Fresh popcorn from Nostalgia Old Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn Cart 
  • Choice of table or popcorn cart 
  • You choice of five (5) flavored popcorns + fresh popped popcorn
  • Decor to match colors (silk flowers are optional) 
  • Decorative popcorn containers
  • Popcorn scoopers 
  • Bags for popcorn 
  • Coordinating Ribbon Accents
  • Labeled popcorn 
  • Set-up and Take-down
  • 2 - 3 different candies M & M’s and another of your choice

    This to add to the fresh popped as many guest love this!

  • Personal Attendant 3-4 hours 


Please contact us for your special pricing.